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Human-Machine Interface (HMI) - HOLLYSYS

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Human-Machine Interface (HMI) - HOLLYSYS

HT series HMI is a high-quality human machine interface product, integrating entirely CPU unit, input and output unit, display, memory and other module units. It can be widely applied in industrial control systems of all sectors of industry.

With the optimal design via hardware and software, it accords with requirements of machine control for touch precision and accuracy, as well as for screen colors.

On the basis of the previous version, HT8001CN makes great improvements with a faster boot time, higher page switching speed, higher communication speed, and higher sensitivity than before.


Available Module:

  • HD2400L

  • HT8421T

  • HT8701T

  • HT8721T

  • HT8701TE

  • HT8A01T

  • HT8A01TE

  • HT8C21T


You may refer to below attached brochure to know more about Human-Machine Interface (HMI) HollySys:

Catalogue - HollySys HMI