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NCH8 Contactor - CHINT

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CHINT NCH8 Modular AC Contactor

Mainly used for frequent starts and control of AC motors as well as remote circuit making/breaking.

They can also be combined with appropriate thermal overload relays to form electromagnetic starters.



  • Number of poles: 2P / 4P (Two Poles / Four Poles)

  • Utilization Category: AC-1. AC-7a, AC-7b

  • Control Coil Voltage: 230VAC

  • Operating Frequency: 30000 cycles

  • Compliant Standards: IEC/EN 61095



Available Rated Current:

  • NCH8 Modular Ac Contactor: 20A

  • NCH8 Modular Ac Contactor: 25A

  • NCH8 Modular Ac Contactor: 40A

  • NCH8 Modular Ac Contactor: 63A