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NXA Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) - CHINT

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CHINT Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

CHINT provides customers with reliable and efficient power distribution products and system solutions. Among them, circuit breakers are capable to make, break and carries rated current in the circuit. And able to protect circuit and equipment in the case of overload, short circuit and undervoltage. CHINT circuit breaker featured with compact size, modular design, high breaking capability, zero flying arc and environmental friendly.



▪ Frame size (A): 1600, 2000, 3200, 4000

▪ Breaking capacity: N,S,H

▪ Rated operational voltage Ue (VAC): 380/400/415

▪ Number of poles: 3P, 4P (Three Poles / Four Poles)

▪ Installation method: draw-out type, fixed type

▪ Wiring type: horizontal rear connection


 Available Range:

  • NXA16H

  • NXA20H

  • NXA32H

  • NXA40H